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Results from Maynard Barnraising - September 17th

posted Sep 21, 2011, 7:32 PM by Maynard CAN
Thank you for volunteering at 21 Tremont Street this Saturday. Here's what we did:
  • By caulking inside, air sealing the basement, patching mortar outside, air sealing the attic, plugging old radiator pipe chases in the living room, and installing the Thermadome, we reduced the leakiness of the home by almost 20%--before the barnraising, it was 3665 CFM and after our work, it was 3050 CFM.
  • Installed two programmable thermostats, swapped out 2 lightbulbs for CFLs, installed two toilet tank banks, 1 low flow showerhead and 1 faucet aerator.
All together, this will reduce the home's carbon footprint by 1,775 lbs/year and it will save $287 in heating and water bills per year.
Melina wanted to share this with you:
Dear Barn raising crew,
Thank you for bringing your knowledge, enthusiasm and energy on a sunny Saturday to weatherize my home. The kids and I are looking forward to a toasty home this winter. It's feels great already to know that we are leaving a lesser footprint on the earth. I'm passing on the info learned to anyone who will listen.
Thank you again for your time and energy!
All the best,
Melina and family
Thanks everyone!
Ann Marie
Ann Marie Kamensky || Building Performance Professional || LEED Green Associate |