2010 Fair

The Fair was held at Fowler School in Maynard on May 8th.
  • Increase awareness of and membership in MaynardCAN!
  • Increase community knowledge of climate change.
  • Raise awareness within the community about the resources available locally that they can use to live more sustainably.
  • Create a fun, exciting and welcoming atmosphere around energy savings, community building and emissions reduction.
  • Increase citizen knowledge of home energy savings and recycling in Maynard.
  • Bring together neighboring climate action groups.
Exhibitors from 2010

  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Alteris renewables
  • Advanced Mechanical Systems
  • Center for Advancement of the Steady State Economy
  • CSG/Mass Save
  • Dunia EcoStore
  • Earthnet Energy/Hammersaw Solar
  • Easy Energy of Massachusetts
  • Global Warming Education
  •   Network
  • Home Energy Efficiency Teams – A program of MaynardCAN!
  • Maynard High School GreenTeam
  • Infrared Diagnostic LLC
  • MA Slow Growth Initiative
  • Maynard Board of Health
  • Maynard Community Chest
  • Maynard Community Gardeners, Litter League, Farmer’s Mkt
  • Metrowest Vegan Network
  • New England Breeze
  • Nexamp
  • Marlborough Nissan
  • NOFA
  • Northern Green, LLC
  • Progressive Asset Management
  • ReFoamIt, LLC
  • Safecoat
  • Sawyer Hill Ecovillage
  • Sustainability Efforts at Clark University
  • Solar & Wind Sustainability in Stow
  • Stow Energy Group (Fun Facts)
  • Sunlight Solar
  • Sustainable Life Solutions
  • Thoreau Foods
  • Tremco
  • Zero-energy home in Maynard