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Home Energy Efficiency Training (HEET)

Barnraising Stories  

From Ann Marie - Barnraising Champion

"As I was driving back from Home Depot last week watching a yellow bungee cord followed by sheets of polyisocyanurate, rigid foam and 2x4 boards fly off my roof rack and into the road, I wondered

"Why do I organize barnraisings?"
Here's why ...
  • 20 people from at least 5 different communities got together for the afternoon
  • On average, we reduced the collective "hole" in the home by 22%, exceeding our commitment to our grant funder by 2% (see below for nerdy details)
  • This will result in saving $133/year (1000 CFM reduction = 70 therms less per year, at $1.61 per therm). By 2021, our efforts will have resulted in over 6 tons of carbon reduction and $1,336 saved.
  • Yves and Steve wrote "Thanks for all you did to organize and carry out the barnraising at our house.  We felt that the house was uniformly much warmer.  The cold draft we were accustomed to upon opening our bedroom door was gone, and we didn't feel the need to warm up the bathrooms before entering them in the morning.  The 20-25% reduction in air infiltration translates to a huge increase in comfort for us. Thank you sooo much!"

If you have a couple of minutes to complete a super-quick survey, click here. Your answers help make the next barnraising better. Special thanks to our very own documentary producer, Jen Boudrie, who filmed and interviewed many of us!


Keep reading if you are a green nerd ... thank you again for your time, energy, patience and good humor on Sunday.


This is a short summary from November's weatherization barnraising,
including: a thank you from Elizabeth, results, a link to photos and a link to a quick survey to find out what you learned and how we can do better. Thank you for your work Saturday! --Ann Marie
Dear Peter, Ann-Marie, Thomas, Jason, Eric, Mike, Mark, Lorenzo, Forbes, Nan, Ada, Rich, Chris, Susan, Amy, Andy, Ashley:
Thanks so much for coming to my home and making it a more responsible dwelling on this earth, for working so diligently and respectfully, for letting me get to know that such cool people are very much present, for bringing life back into this house, for making the house snug and a place comfortable to be in, and for helping reduce fuel bills. I hope it was as empowering and rewarding for you as it was for me! Thanks, again.
On Saturday, we collectively reduced the "leakage" in Elizabeth's house by 21%, resulting in a savings of $113/year (1000 CFM reduction = 70 therms less per year, at $1.61 per therm). By 2020, our efforts will have resulted in over 5 tons of carbon reduction and $1,113 saved ... all done in under 4 hours by a group of 16 volunteers!
Click here to check out before/after photos (courtesy of Rich and Lawrence, may have more on the way from Eric): http://picasaweb.google.com/amk01754/1023MaynardWeatherizationBarnraising?feat=directlink
If you have 2 minutes, please complete this survey (your responses help us do better next time):